林雅儀 Zoie Lam

林雅儀 (Zoie Lam),出生於香港,畢業於平面設計與廣告系,現為時裝設計師,其身份也是插畫師、造型師,亦是品牌ZL by Zlism的主理人。於2010年開始創作Zlism插畫系列備受注目。

Zlism是一個外星球,內裡住了很多不同的Zlism星人,發生不同的有趣事情。Zoie Lam畫筆下的Zlism星人有著不同的個性,每一個也是善良和正面的。藝術家以不同的媒體和螢光色系去表達密集而精細的畫工,加上豐富絢麗的顏色,令細節上突顯出精緻的筆觸和細膩的線條。Zoie Lam的創作範圍包括塑膠彩油畫,多媒體合成畫作,其中繪畫壁畫,曾與不同品牌如Adidas、Converse、N * ICE POPS等合作,Zoie Lam視每次合作為新挑戰,嘗試突破自己的界限。

在Zlism的世界裡,花生和其他食品形狀的假想生物,以及那些生活在 “食物星球 ”上的個體,都一一在她的畫作裡出盡風頭。Zoie則喜歡藉著主角之一 — 平頭裝的胖茄子,她藉此表演自己的內心世界,亦希望帶有積極正面的信息和鮮豔色彩的 Zlism,能令大家微笑,繼續爭取自己的夢想。


Zoie Lam is an artist based in Hong Kong . As the creator of the imaginary planet Zlism, she details a world with all its residents and happenings. Positive energy oozes out from the kind-hearted characters as they come alive under her pen, all with fascinating stories unfolding in one painting after another. “ZL”is the initial of Zoie Lam while “LISM” stands for her philosophy and ideas. Through her drawings, Zoie would like to express her ideas towards different social phenomena.

Most of the artworks by Zoie Lam appear as a dense and intricate tapestry of patterns juxtaposed with vivid colours — a remarkable visual contrast for a signature style that sets Lam apart from the rest. Choosing acrylic paint and wool yarn, and occasionally oil-base marker and technical drawing pen for black-and-white effect, Lam always fills her stylistic paintings in brilliant hues and especially with florescent colours. All details are completed with refined brushstrokes and delicate lines under the fine pen tip. The canvas is then topped with hand-knitted finishing touches. Her another favorite medium is wall painting, which includes walls of shops and impromptu painting alongside real-time animation and performance. Topping it all off, she has been invited to paint on Converse sneakers and design the fridge surface for N*ICE POPS. She believes that whether collaborating with different brands, or drawing on unique objects and materials for all sorts of occasions, these are challenges which she enjoys experimenting to break new boundaries. There are imaginary creatures modelled on peanut and other food, as well as those from the Food Planet, who all share the limelight all through her paintings. Lam, for example, likes to present the inner thoughts of one of the central characters — the flat-headed, plump eggplant. By incorporating positive messages and vibrant colours into her artworks, she hopes to bring smiles and encourage positive thoughts for everyone to continue fighting for their dreams.