沐冉 Muran




對他來說: 敘述的就是自己的日常。悠閒的早餐,窗外的光影,陽臺的盆栽,再放入自身的天馬行空就是最好的畫面,如此淡定又靜好,沐冉用雕刻刀刻出有如冬日暖陽般明亮宜人的生活小篇章,並將這份”得於己,快然自足”之志趣寄情於其一刀一筆下,展現他對於生活情態的怡然自得。

“I’ve been drawing in my whole life, only changed from a brush to a carving knife.”

Born in Kaohsiung in 1982, Muran graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Tunghai University and majored in Printmaking in Taipei National University of Arts with master degree.

From the lush and quiet mountains and forests, the tranquil and blossoming flowers and grass, to the relaxing daily life; Whether it’s a reductive cutting, chromatography or a purely black-and-white watermark, Muran is not merely focused on the lovely and amusing visual outlines and colors superficially, or even on the decorative and delicate engraving skills. It is his profound understanding and dedication to painting, as well as his own observation of life, that are the core concepts of his art.

For him, the narrative inspiration is his daily life. A leisurely breakfast, sunshine and shadows outside the window, potted plants on the balcony, combine with his own thoughts are the best signification to him. He has also expressed the spiritual joyfulness to the viewers.