Born in 1991. Ayaïro has loved drawing since she was a child and acquired her current style on her own. While studying English and cross-cultural communication at university, she came to realize that the land where she was born and raised could not be separated from her identity, which led her to revisit her hometown and begin to create artworks. The “Child of Satoyama” series, featuring a little child running around a rich satoyama, is modeled on the landscapes that remain in her hometown today. Instead of expressing nature realistically, she depicts the scenery as a mental image that reflects the feelings she had when she saw it, or as a vivid memory of her childhood playing in the landscape.

Today, the number of good-old Japanese rural landscapes as well as children playing there is rapidly decreasing. Her desire to preserve such beautiful sceneries prompts her to continue to paint them powerfully. Her work fuses tradition and freshness, forming a pop world that is uniquely nostalgic.