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Azizi Al Majid

Azizi Al Majid 1994年生於印尼巨港,2017年畢業於萬隆理工大學,主修繪畫,現活躍於萬隆。他近期關注處理在對於討論當代藝術之於自身與其周邊事物之關係的評論上;作為一位藝術家與教育工作者,Azizi經常將其身為藝術家的關注層面嫁接於作品中,使他的作品經常反映出對於當代文化在當地與全球現實中的詮釋、對話或角色定位等議題。Azizi創作媒材相當廣泛,例如:素描、繪畫、版畫到錄像、裝置以及表演藝術。

Azizi Al Majid, was born is Palembang, 1994. Graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology in 2017, majoring in drawing. Recently he is active and working in Bandung. He is interested in working on the idea of meta-commentary which talking about the contemporary art and everything around it self, as an artist and educator, Azizi has usually intersected his interest as an artist, making his work often reflect on issues of interpretation, dialogue, and the role of contemporary culture in a local scene and global reality. Azizi works in a range of mediums, from drawing, painting, print making, video, installation, and performative works.