Lee salvador

I am a visual/street artist and a core member of the group Cavity Collective. Born in the ‘80s, I grew up among ‘90s TV shows and cartoons and was inspired and influenced by the icons of that era.

My artistic style is pop surreal, which shows playful thoughts of reality, childhood experiences, and social relevance. My works are consists of abstract of radiant colors, collage of Filipino, Japanese and Western culture and my teal character which symbolizes the fluidity of water that goes with any flow of life. I chose the streets to be one of my canvases to be able to showcase my art on a larger scale of audience. I also experiment with street art installations. Aside from outdoor spaces, I have also exhibited in galleries around the Metro such as Art Underground Manila, Art for Space, Galerie Roberto, Village Art Gallery, Ysobel Gallery, Artepintura Gallery, J Studio, Crucible Gallery, Kanto Gallery, Sigwada Gallery, Galeria De las Islas, Vinyl on Vinyl and Secret Fresh.