Noritoshi Mitsuuchi

在現代漫畫、西方古典漫畫、日本漫畫和古代亞洲藝術(包括Choju-giga Minga和民間藝術)中,我發現了許多令人愉快的東西。我受到其中許多人的啟發。

There are many things that I find delightful in modern Manga, Western classical cartoons, Japanese cartoons, and ancient Asian arts including Choju-giga Minga and folk art. I have been inspired by many of them. I create art that stimulates the viewer’s memory and imagination by focusing on beauty that may be subtle, yet surely exists in the vast history of art.
In addition to the aforementioned… I find that the unfinished, comical, disposed and worn-out objects can be very appealing to me. My creations are inspired by personal experiences that have touched me deeply. I am influenced by multiple perspectives and proudly refer to them as Kawaiism (Cutism).