“9:30pm, at swimming pool” Xiaohua Solo Exhibition


“9:30pm, at swimming pool”


OPENING: 2019/02/23 18:00-21:00

I go swimming almost every day. It is only a 10-minute ride from my home to the swimming pool. The swimming pool is maintained at 28°C, so it’s warm even when I get in the water during winter. I like to stroke hardly under the water, spreading my arms as if I could cover a long distance in one breath. When floating on the surface of the water, I feel free and boundless. That sensation is unlike being on land, where have to be alert at all times. And with goggles, everything underwater seems to be one color – clear yet vague. After some time, I find it provides the best distance to look at things. Water is gentle. Its gentleness is way beyond me, and I often feel devoured by water.

The swimming pool closes at 11 P.M. To avoid the crowd, I often intentionally go there later in the evening. Looking out through a huge glass window, the beauty of the night is what the day lacks. The swimming pool is in a high-end hotel in Berlin. The special panorama light of the hotel and the scanty number of people in the pool make the scene look like one from a minimalist image. That tranquility and cleanness is rare even in a less bustling city like Berlin.
When you are under water, you are in another world. I often ponder questions when I am swimming and find the answer when I get on the shore.

Xiaohua, January, 2019.