“Convert Corner” Ji Fu Tang Solo Exhibition

Ji Fu Tang​

“Convert Corner”


The image contains no intrinsic meaning–just find a point of interest (or something that inspires a feeling) to ponder. And, in the end, a certain “form” develops. This form is of the highest purity, and your intuition and sensitivity to the image are drawn to the surface. To some extent, form is very important in painting; it is a kind of importance within an abnormal state.
I can make a picture very complex, but I can’t express my likes and feelings richly enough through language. Generally speaking, I may appear indifferent to others, but I’m actually full of passion–but this passion only appears in my paintings. If you’re a passionate person, all words will just seem dry and meaningless.

I reject everything that’s “empty” (“empty” in the spatial sense)…I try to draw distant objects relatively realistically, but by varying the lines, I open up the space more make them look a bit more “designed”. I prefer shape and concreteness to abstract expressiveness, and concreteness stimulates me to think about it more. Rich forms, dynamically intertwining lines, the irregular thickness of a tree branch and the scars on its surface–all of these arouse my urge to create. The people of ancient China were very wise. With a few twisting, undulating lines, they could conjure flowing water onto the page. Even now, their art remains convincing, and their techniques are very advanced.