“The velocity between pacing and stopping” Chung Mark & Li Hiuwa’s Joint Exhibition

Chung Mark, Li Hiu Wa​

“The velocity between pacing and stopping”


OPENING: 2019/04/27 18:00-21:00

If we take a walk around, the city may affect how far around we’re going to go, as well as what we can see along the journey.

Li Hiu Wa habitually fights against the fast pace with his own, by spending time walking aimlessly to understand the vague border between nature and city. He observes the traces of time, and collect its fragile and short-lived fragmentations with photography, while reveals all the scenes and moments covered by the noises. The mutual call and response between parallel images is just like a metaphor of the cycle and transition between ordinary life and the extraordinary. In this fair, he tries to mix photosensitive materials himself, and preserve his captured image on different materials with traditional dry plate photography. The long wait and the understanding about different chemical reactions in the progress is just like a response to his own pace and his microscopic view, when he also tries to link up all senses of microscopic things with the macroscopic world.

Mark Chung has changed the suffocatingly fast pace of life, and left the solid negative emotions behind him. When he stop by a scene of prosperity, he can finally see how hollow and empty the fast-paced, endless bright flashes are. He put himself in a noisy environment, but keep his mind abnormally quiet. The spotlighted, discarded items are also part of his material, by which he collect, recreate and subtracted into his works, in order to reflect the mindsets of urban residents. Just like Xiaohua, Zhong also tries to return to traditional creation technology by carving, hollowing and grinding stones into discarded single-use cups. Their slow methods are both responding to the topic of the fair, and are just as extravagant as walking with nothing on one’s mind in a city.