“White Eye” Yu Fei Fei Solo Exhibition

Yu Fei Fei​

“White Eye”


My art practice is based upon the psychological study and exploration of individuals’ cultural identities. My work explores and analyses their formation and evolution. Influenced by anthropology; more specifically, how society develops alongside cultural norms and individual interests. There is a philosophical side to the indulgence and repression of ourselves and our desires.

I am interested how our individual lives are affected by such behaviour. Simply stated, how we choose to live our lives, and whether the choices are our own or rather influenced by major historical events.

Multimedia works illustrates my analysis into these shifting perceptions. From the material world to the virtual stage, I aim to redefine the boundaries between the three dimensional work and the two dimensional image, the video and the still. My art explores the very structure of the narrative, how objects can personify while humanity objectifies, and in doing so focuses on people’s insecurities and society’s dishonesty, surrounding the viewer and forcing them to question their own moral standards. I am asking them awaken, to become self aware, and to see themselves and their place amongst a seemingly infinite crowd.

by Yu Fei Fei