Cheuk Wing Nam (b.1983 ,Hong Kong)

Cheuk Wing Nam (as known as Chang May Wing Joy) , born in 1983, is an interdisciplinary artist who devotes to develop her artwork with new concepts of mixing sound and other media with the modern computer technology. She graduated from her Master Degree of Visual Arts (Studio Art and Extended Media) in Hong Kong Baptist University. Cheuk has exhibited multiple works, including interactive installations, sound sculptures and sound installations and she performed in some musical events. Cheuk has exhibited and performed in Sonic Environment 2016 (Brisbane, Australia), Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK, Switzerland), XXX Gallery, 22 Degrees North, Connecting Spaces, floating projects, Hong Kong Baptist University. Recently, she is selected to participate in Sonic Transmission Artist Exchange Project 2016 by Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong (CMHK).

In Cheuk’s artwork, she always attempts to display the similarities and/or contradictions between concepts and cultures. Deconstruction and assemblage are her practices of making artwork. The target maybe a material, a concept, a system or a phenomenon. Cheuk’’s artworks always carries a tone of humor where rejection and contest become imperative elements. “To interact or not to interact” is always one of the ironical element in her artwork. She believe that sound could be a metaphor of some natural phenomenon as well as some city status. Her work is about expressing her passion about soundscape relationship between human and nature.