Lu Xiao (b. 1981, Heilongjiang Province, China)

Like the place where she is from, Beijing, Lu-Xiao’s paintings are full of philosophical atmosphere and prophetic sense. Her techniques on oil paiting with a lively mastery of brush strokes creates a transparent sense of visual depth. Lu-Xiao – through self-portraits, portraits of her other half or important people in her life – seeks to record and express her own life experience as an artist. But this link is not just limited to personal experience; the artist seals her canvas with the full spectrum of questions to humanity and painting itself. On her tension-filled canvas, we can see the ambitions of the artist and the spirit of dialogue she triggers. After becoming a mother in 2013, Lu-Hsiao was more conscious of subtle feelings, achieving a second direction in her art journey. From an angle of looking up from below, she constantly ponders her purpose as an artist and a mother. She refuses to look at things from a purely rational angle, instead depending on a type of spontaneous and instinctive thinking, resulting in questions that reflect self-doubt, self-presence and counter-evidence: “Where should I go?”, “Where am I now?”