When emotions sway, I often wish I could instantly transform them into poetry. To express the emotions evoked by encounters with beauty and colors, the profound impact of light and fragrance, and the joys and sorrows within my heart. Instead of using poetry, I have chosen painting as a substitute for abstraction, reconfiguring them on the canvas and interpreting them through the embodiment closest to my own spirit, the figure of a “girl.” In my paintings, the concepts of “individuality” and “human physicality” are not important; they are all fictional figures. They take the form of fairies made of sugar and wax, unicorns with patterns, and angels wearing triangular hats. They emerge in a fantastical imagery, without names or connections, lacking individuality.

Compared to seemingly real individuals, using lightweight symbols born from imagination allows me to abstractly depict emotions that cannot be expressed in words. They become ineffable records of emotions, capturing the portrayal between the realms of reality and fantasy.