Bell Nakai

I have not attended art school as a major and started painting in early 2019 mixing all colors individually using extraordinary painting skills. My creations invite in a world of cuteness and anger coexisted in pop-culture style making my art fun, vivid and easy to understand. These compositions are inspired by Japanese Shoujo Manga(少女漫画) and recently pop art mixing together. I combined delicate flat painting and dynamic touches liked children’s art together to make my own pop art style.
My creations are not presented just only as portraits but they are also sharing some stories of our daily life through the rebellious aged-girl figures using Appropriation Technique adopting. While the vivid colors focus on the feeling of happiness and cuteness, sometimes you will discover people`s dissatisfaction hiding under her glasses, which often reveal a kind of sadness and anger in today`s society where people have no true freedom to express their honest feeling or thought.
“My girls, they may be just little children but they are both of you and me in the reality”