Jessica Frances

Jessica Frances Martin


馬丁擁有西北大學藝術理論和實踐的碩士學位,以及芝加哥藝術學院繪畫和素描的學士學位。馬丁曾在伊利諾伊州芝加哥的Ballroom Projects舉辦過一次個展。她也曾參加紐約Thierry Goldberg畫廊、伊利諾斯州芝加哥海德公園藝術中心、伊利諾斯州埃文斯頓布洛克藝術博物館、伊利諾斯州芝加哥PEREGRINEPROGRAM等的群展。馬丁考慮了女性的內心世界和外部世界的邊界。這些圖像是內部與外部的探索,以發現 “自我內心”,現實世界、幻想和虛構之間的界限。人物往往融入在畫布的顏色中,有時他們開始消失,跨越邊界,或形狀轉變。馬丁認為,當一個人的形體可以溜過、蒸發,就如同變戲法般。

Jessica Frances Martin
b. 1987 Phoenix, AZ USA
BFA 2011, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
MFA 2019, Northwestern University

Jessica Frances Martin (b. 1987 Phoenix, AZ US) lives and works in Phoenix, AZ.
Martin holds an MFA in Art Theory and Practice from Northwestern University and a BFA in Painting and Drawing from The School of Art Institute of Chicago. Martin has had a solo exhibition with Ballroom Projects, Chicago, IL. She has participated in group shows at Thierry Goldberg Gallery, New York, NY; Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL; The Block Museum of Art, Evanston, IL; PEREGRINEPROGRAM, Chicago, IL, amongst others. Martin considers the borders between women’s inner and outer worlds. These images are interior/ exterior explorations to discover “what is inside of yourself”, the boundaries between real world, fantasy, and fiction. Figures often melt into the colors of the canvas, sometimes they start to disappear, cross boundaries, or shape shift. Martin considers what is possible when a human form can slip through, evaporate, like a sleight of hand.