Keigo Nakamura

中村 圭吾 KEIGO NAKAMURA (現代美術作家 Contemporary Artist / ミニマリスト Minimalist)


My thinking is based on existentialist philosophy and psychology, and my artwork always expresses what I believe is important to live a meaningful life.

For me, art is a wonderful thing that transcends monetary value and encompasses a philosophy that makes life more wonderful, and is a guide to living life meaningfully in this complex society.

Through my work, I hope to share with you what I consider to be important in life.

About the style and technique of the artwork

The composition of the painting, with candlelight and shadow as the main elements, was inspired by the religious paintings by candlelight of the 17th century French Baroque painter “Georges de la Tour”.

The method of indirect form of expression through the arrangement of objects is inspired by the “Sandplay Therapy” invented by the 20th century Swiss Jungian psychologist, Dra M.Calf.

In the candlelight spirituality of “French Baroque” and its timeless historical techniques, I found something important that does not exist in our busy and efficient modern society.

My technique involves smoothing the canvas by applying ten layers of primer, painting with oil paints with classical formulations of medium, and then glazing the painting with varnish.

I use modern, up-to-date materials for the primer and varnish because they enhance the preservation of the artwork.

The traditional procedure is time consuming, but I value it as one of the elements that makes my artwork special, and I enjoy the great timeless procedures.

Traditionally, the meaning of a frame with an ornate Baroque design was divine power or blessing.

I use such frames to signify “blessings for life”.

About the frame

The frames for my artwork are custom made to fit my artwork, using high quality traditional design materials.

These materials are wonderfully hand-finished and vintage-turned, and have a historic charm that industrial products do not have.

The Hi-quality, low-reflective acrylic plates used to protect the artwork do not detract from the aesthetic of the artwork, and create a comfortable harmony between the frame and the artwork.

The black wood that surrounds the artwork is made by me, and it plays an important role in the composition of the frame.

Traditionally, the meaning of a frame with an ornate Baroque design was divine power or blessing.

I use such frames to signify “blessings for life”.


1984 Born In Japan

2010.Mar Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation,Tokyo,Japan


2022 Long Museum Shanghai


2022 “MAGO Gallery Award 2022” Grand Prix

Solo Show

2022 “Nightlight Shadows” Caelis Galeria/Shanghai,China

Group Show

2023 “Into the Wild” thinkspace/LA,USA

2022 “ARTIST Way Of Seeing” BoonTheShop/ Korea

2022 “You Had Me At HELLO” Hello Gallery Tokyo/ Tokyo,Japan

2022 “Mago Gallery Award The Group Show” MAGO GALLERY SHIGA / Shiga , Japan

2022 “Childhood Memories” VOLERY GALLERY / Dubai

2021 “SATELLITE VILLAGE” Gallery Ascend / Hongkong

2021 “Connections” Gallery Colorbeat / Seoul ,Korea