Stéphane Cies Cloteau


—Stéphane CIES Cloteau(生於1983年)是一位法國雕塑家,目前在法國南部的馬賽生活和工作。他對藝術的興趣源始於嘻哈音樂,而後流向加入了塗鴉和街頭藝術。而後,他對建築的深入探悉激發了他將繪畫和自我視野帶入第三維度世界的想法。Stéphane的作品日復一日地受到他對建築、塗鴉、幾何、科學和自然的熱愛之影響並與其共融。因此,即使他花了很多時間來繪畫、規劃和組織他的作品架構,但在多數情況中,這些架構還是來於“凍結它以保留它”一種與生俱來的渴望下而誕生。埋首於縝密與謹慎且帶著個人風采的創作,他給予了我們精緻而精妙的作品—那些生於對創造和再創造個人符碼的極致追求中。


« Originally, the idea was to give life,through the work of material, to these frenziedand intoxicating visions. »

Stéphane CIES  Cloteau (born in 1983) is a French sculptor who lives and works inMarseille in the south of France.His interest in art began with hip-hop, leading to graffitiand street-art.Over the time, his studies in architecture inspired him to take his paintings and hisvisions to the third dimension.Days by days, his pieces are influenced and combined by his passions forarchitecture, graffiti, geometry, science and nature.So, even if he takes a lot of time drawing, planning and organizing his compositions,most of the time, they born of a gesture and a desire to ‘’freeze it in order to retainit’’.Attached to offer a rigorous and careful production with marked style, he offers us arefined and precise work that strives as soon as possible to create or recreate itsown codes.