Timm Blandin

Timm Blandin (b.1987) is a painter who lives and works in Haute-Savoie, eastern France.He entered a school of applied arts in 2007, where he studied Graphic Design, graduating in 2012. The growing digital environment is developing his interest in computer-aided design.For him, it’s a key tool for composing, mixing and harmonizing creations from a variety of techniques. Software offers more and more possibilities and speed in creation.His return to painting is motivated by a need to materialize a creation, to return to the time of action versus the time of calculation typical of the digital universe. Passionate about photography and drawing before the discovery of software, Blandin naturally gravitated towards figurative expression. He works on canvas and paper with acrylic paint, combining oil pastel, pencil and felt-tip pen.

The interplay of light and shadow is an important part of his work. His palette is vibrant and dreamlike, divorced from the mimetic role of color. He combines flat tints, transparency and superimpositions to structure his compositions. Shapes are simplified, geometrized and lines marked. Chromatic intensity is accentuated. The graphic treatment of his works reveals a digitization of painting. He mainly paints landscapes and scenes of everyday life. Blandin’s universe is colorful, immersive and contemplative, suspended in time between dream and reality.

In this exhibition, Blandin takes us on a stroll through memories, travels and dreams of new horizons. His luminous, dreamlike landscapes invite the viewer to contemplate. Focusing on the harmony between man and his environment, he presents us with habitats conducive to the search for balance and tranquility. Taking the time to admire or feel beauty is a cornerstone of his artistic intent.

Timm Blandin(出生於1987年)是一位居住在法國東部上薩瓦省(Haute-Savoie)的藝術家。他於2007年進入應用藝術學院就讀,專攻平面設計並於2012年畢業。隨著數位環境的不斷發展,他對於以電腦輔助設計的興趣也日益增加。對他來說,這是一個非常᯿要的工具,可以從各種技術中進行組合、混合和調和創作。設計軟體也為他提供了更多可能性和提升創作效率的方式。