“Let me stay a little bit longer” Chen Ching Ming Solo Exhibition

Chen Ching Ming​

“Let me stay a little bit longer”


OPENING: 2018/09/08 18:00-21:00

An Notetaker at a Standstill – Chen Ching Ming “Let me stay a little bit longer”

Amidst the continuous advancement of civilization, is there ever a moment in which the material and the spiritual achieve a certain level of balance? Transforming the rigidity of a rich material reality to a focus on spiritual pursuits, Chen Ching Ming (hereinafter referred to as Chen) deliberates on a humanistic state among swings between material and spiritual. Between the two, Chen uses the body as subject for the media to serve as a dialogue. The body is like a pupil between material and spiritual that projects each other, as the state of the body undergoes drastic change along with the wrestling. This phenomenon of external appearance can be expressed through Chen’s creative style. Planes and pottery. The painting on the ceramic medium and the sense of sculpture on the plane, the appearance of pottery on the painting, the shapes of the images also presented by the pottery – in the creative thought in which each sample from each other, the forms of material and spiritual are reproduced, retrospected, sharpened, and made ambiguous. The causal relationship between them can be replaced with one another, as time gradually dissipates in the swing of mutual replacement. Or, perhaps time exhibits a non-linear logic of motion in Chen’s creative thinking, and creative forms are superimposed, offset, and merged. Chaos is produced in the cognition of material reality, yet a moment of eternity is found amongst this chain.
Written by: Yang Yao-Jen